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Debt Collection Services

Providing Unique Approach to Professional Services

Paramount Collections is a unique organisation dedicated to maintaining integrity and a professional atmosphere. Sunshine Coast — (ReleaseWire) — 07/04/2016 –Paramount Collections, with over 60 years of combined experience in debt collection, is reshaping the way their customers resolve their debt issues.

With a firm understanding of “how debt is acquired” and by working in tandem with clients, Paramount Collections develops actionable plans and debt priorities to eliminate debt in record time.

“Regardless of how a consumer ends up in debt, one thing is certain: Life happened, and impacted their ability to either get paid or maintain current financial responsibilities.” –Andrew Baty, Company Director, Paramount Collections.

The debt collection company understands that life isn’t linear in the sense that every plan you make will pan out. There are no families that plan to go into debt, and with a lack in experience when it comes to debt management, dues tend to accumulate. Without the proper assistance their debt could swallow them whole.

Paramount Collections believes that the best way to go about tackling and clearing debt is by treating customers with respect. Most consumers want to pay their bills but simply find themselves in a difficult financial situation to do it effectively.

People accumulate debt due to a wide variety of reasons. Sudden termination of employment, illnesses and even divorce can impact an individual’s ability to pay or get paid, resulting in financial disaster. Once the customer enters into these financial distresses, a vicious cycle ensues where more borrowing occurs in order to pay off debt, in turn placing the customer in greater debt.

Paramount Collections is a unique organisation dedicated to maintaining integrity and a professional atmosphere. The right collection agency can play an integral role in managing your collection portfolios. The assignment of an account for third party collections creates a sense of urgency with your consumer, causing them to prioritise and pay your bill. A professional approach provides you a collector that can quickly influence recovery, allowing you the ability to allocate your staff and resources to more productive areas.

By approaching the consumers with respect and helpful solutions, their resolution rates surpass industry standards and in turn are redefining the way debt mediation companies go about their business.

About Paramount Collections

Paramount Collections handles all types of collections with a process that is sensitive to the potentially negative consequence of overly zealous collection methods. We work hard to bring you the most efficient recovery rate. Our collection services are professional. We specialise in all areas of bad debt recovery for SME’s and large corporations.