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Is Bad Debt Hurting Your Business?

Why use Paramount Collection

Bad debt occurring in a business is almost an inevitable part of operation. Virtually every business has some bad debt in their history and it can be argued that if you don’t have debt then you’re not really in business.

But what does this mean? Some outstanding debt from a few customers can be an acceptable form of operations. On the other hand, bigger amounts can really add up to hurt the financial stability of any business.

Take in consideration the financial burden of a large unpaid invoice. How many hours of work, sales, product and overhead will your company have to invest in just to make up for the unpaid portion of debt?

Soon you’ll be working simply to play catch up and never make any substantial profits. After all your business exists mainly to produce profit so when some of your debts start to go bad it can lead to a situation that can force you to stop trading.

This is where Paramount Collections can help you. With over 35 years’ experience in the Debt Collection Industy we carry the expertise and professionalism to get you the money your business is owed.

We make personal contact with your clients and follow up to make sure their invoice is paid within 90 days of contact.

You Can Start Online

Our online forms make it easy for you to start collecting your debt right away. A few minutes is all you need to submit the debtor information and your information and we will start the process for you immediately.

We work with you and the debtor to get each debt resolved with professionalism, persistence and persuasiveness. Our debt collectors have many years experience.  You can be assured that all our debt recovery efforts are legal and above board.

Our Low Rates

Our rates are some of the lowest in the industry. We understand that your company’s financial situation is a fragile thing and we aim to give you the best services with the best rates.

We work only on successful collections only.  That is you don't pay unless we collect your money.

We Promise High Collection Rates

Because we work diligently to serve our clients, we have one of the highest success debt recovery rates in the industry throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our professionals work to help you recover the lost funds through a debtor so your business can gain financial prosperity.

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Bad Debt is inevitable in a growing business and some say if you don’t have bad debt you are not taking enough risk to increase your business. This guide will help you manage your Accounts Payable. Simply click the button below and follow the instructions to download this report totally FREE.

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What You Can Expect when You Sign Up for Our Services

Professional, well trained and experienced staff

Work with our professional staff for the best experience when dealing with collections. Each member of our staff is carefully selected to ensure their work ethic aligns with our company standard.

Second to none Customer Service Department

We believe that all our clients deserve prompt access to information about our company, our staff, your collection account status and anything else you might need. Communication is key if the debt recovery process is going to be a success and that’s something we at Paramount Collections strive to excel at. No one should be left in the dark about important business transactions.

Fully Automated and Secure Computer Systems

We give you personal access to your information online 24/7 through our automated online systems. Gain the information you need at any time for any account standings. This allow you to see where we are at in the collections process.

Electronic Documents

Our systems also allow you to upload or download important electronic documents, effectively cutting the wait time down to a fraction of the time. We know your time is valuable so we have built our systems to be easy to use and secure.

A Proven Reputation in the Industry

We are the best in the business. Our client satisfaction rate is among the highest in Australia and New Zealand. We work hard to earn your trust and keep working so that any of our clients always have a reliable source to work with.

High Return on Collections

Enjoy our high rate of collection return in order to give your business the boost it needs to close old accounts and add to your bottom line.

The Pricing Advantage

All of our pricing fees and options are on par or below the international average so you get the best value with the highest ranked service possible.

Why We Are Different to Other Agencies

We are not just another debt collection agency. We work to improve the standards of the industry with wide coverage. We have fully staffed offices in Australia and New Zealand. No matter where your business resides, we are able to help you collect from your debtors.

We offer complete transparency of our work and progress of your case through our online system. We update your information regularly so you know where we stand with your debtor. We also offer prompt remittance of your collected funds. This enables businesses to get back on track, update files, and close accounts.

With our highly experience team, we get results fast and with respect to your debtor. Legal action is rarely required and this saves you time, money and hassle. All of our fees are based on performance. If there is no collection, there is no commission or fee for you to pay.

Contact Our Toowoomba Office to Get Started

Our Toowoomba office is located on the West End on the east side of the Brisbane River. We are on Level 2 of the Toowoomba Central Plaza. Our office is open to serve your needs.

Call, email or send us an information request form on our web site to learn more.

Head Office: PO Box 242, Mooloolaba Q 4557

Level 2, 330 Ruthven St, Toowoomba, QLD 4350, Australia
T: 1300 600 555