Cost Effective Service

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Net Back Overview “The problem with most bad accounts is that they are passed to a Collection Agency only after five or six months of collection activity by the client company. Statistically, after 30 days 5% of bills are unrecoverable, after 60 days it’s 15%, after 90 days it’s 25%, and after 12 months 75% of those bills are completely …

Andrew BatyCost Effective Service

How Does Debt Collection Work?

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Paramount Collections use the concept of performance based debt recovery and have maintained a policy of not charging our clients any membership fees or other similar charges for over thirty years. Our “Success Only” service means that our commission is only charged on the amount we actually recover for you. Our system for debt collection has been developed and refined …

Andrew BatyHow Does Debt Collection Work?

Adding Interest Costs

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We are frequently asked if we are able to add interest and Collection Fees to a debt. The following article should answer your questions. Is Interest Normally Recoverable? Interest is only recoverable at law in the following circumstances: How Do You Incorporate An Interest Provision? There is only one fool-proof way to incorporate an interest provision. You must include a …

Andrew BatyAdding Interest Costs